Smithton AFS Volleyball

Smithton AFS Volleyball

Smithton, Missouri




October 5, 2015


Dear Friends,

It is nearing time for the annual Smithton AFS Volleyball Tournament (our 32nd year). It will be on the first weekend of November. That is Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7. We hope you can be with us. Because we are having games on both Friday and Saturday some of the starting times have changed from last year. Please see the enclosed flier for the correct times.

For the Competitive Co-ed Division, we will again have a paid referee for each court. Your team will still need to assist when you are not playing, but this should ease the pressure on your team somewhat. To speed things along, we plan to again have a Competitive Co-ed Division Team Captains Meeting on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. We hope your captain can arrange to be with us by that time.

Attached is the flyer with the entry form. To reserve a spot, please send your check for the payment early. It may be helpful to notify me by E-mail, followed by a check in the regular mail. As in the past, you may pay the night of the tournament, but that does not guarantee you a spot, and you can save some cash by sending in your payment early. If you have questions, feel free to call. You may be able to catch me at home, but I also usually have my cell phone with me. New this year for your convenience you can pay by PayPal, and reserve a spot for your team.

As before, at the bottom of the entry form there are places to check if you have been with us before or are new. Please check the appropriate box. This information may help us in seeding your team more suitably. Also, if your team was referred to our tournament by someone, please tell us. Teams referring a new team will receive a $20 discount on their entry fee.

If you are receiving this by E-mail, we will soon send you an updated copy of the rules for the Competitive tournament. We hope these will be helpful to you. If you are receiving this by regular U.S. mail, and want a copy of the rules, please call or E-mail me.

Thank you for your support in the past. We hope you can be with us again, and please share this information with anyone whom you feel might be interested. It might mean a savings to your team, make the tournament more fun for you, and will certainly help support the American Field Service foreign exchange program at Smithton School (since 1980).






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