Dear Smithton Family: January 2017

Wow! It is already a month into 2nd semester. Our basketball season is over halfway complete and it
has been a blast to watch and cheer on our teams. I also have enjoyed our awesome cheerleaders
who have given back to the community by having Youth Sports cheer with them. Our Strategic Plan
continues to be our guiding light as our curriculum project, sports complex project, and newly board
approved policies support recruiting and retaining quality staff.

Thank you for making Smithton a place where “Excellence” is always “in Action!”

Excellence in Action January!

Jason Waters
Excellence in Service to the Smithton R-VI School District

Jason Waters, Custodian

Excellence in Service through Student Council

Madison Crouch, 4th Grade
Hailee McNeal, 4th Grade
Malena McNeeley, 4th Grade
Sam Tagtmeyer, 4th Grade
Leyton Teeter, 4th Grade
Emily Trelow, 4th Grade
Sponsor: Olivia Apsher, 4th Grade
4th StuCo

BOE Meeting Update
The board meeting on January 18th had a lot of information related to our strategic plan. Mr. Petersen updated the board on the Government End-of-Course exam that showed a 74% Top Two rating (Advanced and Proficient combined). This was an improvement over last year’s 1st semester scores. A huge congratulations to Mr. Holiway and the rest of our staff. This relates to Focus Area 1 (Student Learning).

The board also was provided an update on “Branding”. Over 55 people provided input regarding four different logos. The stakeholders represented included community members, board of education members, students from all grade levels, and staff. We hope to have a logo completed and approved by the end of February. This relates to Focus Area 3 (Community Pride).

The board approved the ballot for April 4, 2017. There are 3 positions open. John Frazee and Sara Moore both are running to be re-elected. Eddie Bybee has chosen not to run. The other five candidates include: Jon Alan Burdick, James Haislip, Dennis Steele, Todd Letourneau, & Allison M. Asbury. The district would like to have a candidate night prior to the election for patrons to get to know
those who are running. Information regarding this night will be advertised once a date and time has been finalized.

The board approved the change order for the outside drainage and spreading the black dirt around the complex outside of the soccer field.

The board approved policy DJFA-AP2 regarding federal money usage.

The board approved GCBDA & GDBDA. This approval relates to Focus Area 2 (Recruit & Retain). For any employee who has served the district 5 years or more the sick leave reimbursement benefit was increased to $30 for certified employees and $20 for non-certified employees. It previously was $10. This is in effect for this year.

Additionally, beginning in 2017, if staff choose not to use their sick leave days, they will received $20for certified staff, and $15 for non-certified staff for each day not used. Staff will also accumulate those days. This part of the policy goes for all tenure and non-tenured staff members.

Example: I am a certificated staff member. I have 30 sick days. I receive 9 additional days for a new year. I use 3 days all year. The district would write a check to me at the end of the year for $120 (6 x $20). I would also accumulate those days and would be left with 36 days by the end of that year. 

A huge thank you goes to our Focus Area 2 committee that worked on this! If you have questions, please let me know.

Superintendent Search Update
The Board of Education has decided to use M. A. R. E. This is the same group that found Dr. Teeter. The advertising for the position has already started. The position will close on February 17th. Interviews will happen the next week. The decision is to be made the week of February 27th. The Board of Education is working on a survey to send to the staff and community for feedback. Please be looking for that email in the coming days. They value your input.

Timeline for Sports Complex
January through February-Outside Drainage Installation. City water and sewage installation to
bathrooms & concession stand.
February 27th Board Meeting-Approve Concrete & Irrigation Bids
March-Irrigation System installed. Concrete for High Jump, Long Jump, & Triple Jump installed.
March-Black Dirt spread across the site. Infield mix put on softball field.
Late March-Rock & Asphalt poured.
April-Track Rubber Installed, Grass seeded for soccer field and the rest of the site.
May/June-Fence installation around track.
June/July-Lights installation
July/August-Parking Lot installation and concrete installation for ADA accessibility.
September-1st Soccer Game Played!
*All of these projects are weather permitting.

Important Dates
Senior Night is February 13th.
Homecoming is February 17th.

BOE Schedule for the year
February 27th, 7 PM - Regular BOE Meeting
March 28th, 7 PM - Regular BOE Meeting
April 17th, 7 PM - Regular BOE Meeting
May 15th, 7 PM - Regular BOE Meeting
June 19th, 7 PM - Regular BOE Meeting

It Pays to be Positive!

Excellence in Action!
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