Dr. Brighams last day: March 23, 2018

Dr. Brigham
Posted on 03/23/2018
Dr. Brigham
     Dr. Brigham enjoyed his time at Smithton and said, "It was the most enjoyable 4 years of my life. I simply enjoyied life with my family and at school. Everyone in the community and the school was very welcoming when first I came here. One of his favorite memories was from last prom. My wife and I were dancing when Gangnam Style came on. and everyone gathered around while we danced. They all cheered my name then joined in the dance." Dr. Brigham says he will miss his students greatly. He will miss playing Super Smash Bros and imparting a love for Mathematics.

Dr. Brigham recalled an event from the beginning of the school year when, at a teachers' meeting, each teacher wrote their name on a card and three others wrote what they thought students would remember him for. Then under his name he wrote what he wanted to be remembered for. Other teachers thought he would be remembered for caring, kindness, helpfulness and being super knowledgeable.  He wanted them to remember "I loved my students." He will be remembered for all these

When asked about returning to Smithton he said "yes, maybe in the future." Smithton is a central location because it falls between his wifes parents and his own parents.