Branding Campaign

Smithton Promotes New Branding
Posted on 10/10/2017
The New Brand - The NEW Smithton R-VI Logo - Branding Campaign
As part of the the district’s strategic plan a committee selected a new logo and a branding campaign was recommended with the goal of marketing the new logo

The primary logo in Tier 1 should be used on all communication whenever possible district-wide

Any tier 2 logo should be accompanied by either the primary logo or the school/building name within the branding package.

For example:

The business class of Smithton High School will be the curators for all spirit wear purchased for the district. Watch for communication from them.

The mission of this campaign is to sell-promote Smithton R-VI! Any marketing campaign begins with an association strategy.  In other words we need people to associate our new logo with our school district.  Therefore initially our logo must be accompanied by our name. (the Nike swoosh stands alone now, but was originally always accompanied by the Nike name and is still accompanied by the name on the majority of its products).  

The activities department, including coaching staff along with administration will still be responsible for the uniforms designed for competitions